Getting started with this blog thing


I finally get this blog going.

I’ve been pondering about doing this for years. Probably the first time I wondered about setting one up was around the time Blogger started and I learned what a blog even was. I did try a couple of times in the past , but I never really got around to do it. I guess it was a mixture of a couple of things, or maybe more.

One reason for not doing it certainly was wanting to have it perfect from the beginning. Well, this has never, ever worked for me. It just ends in never doing the thing, and I’m not just talking blog here. I have tons and tons of things I’ve thought of doing and never made them happen because I can find every single flaw before even starting them and I become my worst critic. Well, critics have never been really helpful to creative people and this is a double-faced game I’ve played with myself for too long.

Another reason for never starting the blog so far probably is that I don’t think many people would find what I write interesting. Well, after reading quite a lot of things posted around the web, I’ve realized that my ideas or things I come up with in my mind to talk about, are pretty good and have nothing to envy from others. I hate myself when I find others saying things I just thought of saying years before, but didn’t come out and say them. It is a pity I didn’t express them when they happened. I will try to fix this bad habit of mine. I hope you will find the things I say of some use and my writing a interesting read.

There is also the fact that I like my privacy, and I’ve thought that most of what I have to say has private things I don’t want to share. Well, that is true to an extent, but it shouldn’t stop me from saying those things that I could share without a problem. There’s this thing about posting something in a blog that is a bit intimidating: being exposed to the world wide web. Well, I’ve noticed that it isn’t that good to hide all the time and communicating more is fun once you get the hang of it. That doesn’t mean I will use this blog and its readership as a therapy to vent stuff. I will be a bit picky about what I write, but I’ll try to find things I feel I can write about and actually do it often.

You may see things moving around in this website, especially in its first months, until I have something I’m pretty happy with and see is working fine.

Well, I’ll leave this post here. Thanks for reading. Come back soon!

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  • Menace

    I’ve never been able to make myself do that whole blog thing. Probably because I’m rude, crass, opinionated and stubborn, couple that with the intelligence to realize I am all that, and I am reticent to post a blog. Keep it up!