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I’ve been trying to be on the ball with the social networks and it is time consuming…

I don’t even use that many. I can say I only really use Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, and I’ve only ever posted something to the first two.

I do want to post more, and I do want to network more, but I realize that a lot of the posting would be repetitive.

Like, photos I post to the blog should or could go in Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and be tweeted as well. So could a link I found interesting go in my Twitter account, my blog or Facebook wall. A post I make in this blog should at least be mentioned in Facebook and Twitter to make it known to contacts in those networks. Videos would go in YouTube, my blog and Facebook. And so on and so forth…

The point is this, it can be done as it is, by hand and going to every service and repeating the posts in each, but it’s a pain and very time consuming, too. I’ll look into automating this stuff. I’m pretty sure there must be WordPress plugins that allow one to post whatever one writes in the blog, in the social networks one has accounts with. If not, there should be someone developing it now!

I found a web browser that supposedly integrates a few of these things, named Flock. I came across it while browsing Flickr, when I noticed a legend that said something like “posted with Flock” or some such. I downloaded it, installed and tried it. It is okay. I can’t say I managed to streamline any of the posting, though.

The option to configure a self-hosted blog seems to have a problem, because I entered the login data and it didn’t work no matter how many times I tried. The account never got saved, even after several logouts and ins to allow the browser saving the login data. No success. So live bookmarks didn’t work. Although I’ve told it to keep me logged in to the services, I keep having to login. So, it’s a work in progress, but it has one redeeming feature: the Media Bar!

I love the Media Bar! I find it very helpful to browse very fast through the media streams of my contacts. It allowed me to go over years of photos of some of my Flickr contacts in a matter of a couple of sessions. I had stopped following them because of how time consuming it was, but now it’s simpler. It’s nothing that couldn’t get done with a webpage using frames, etc., but I had not done something like that or found such a thing yet, so this was nice. Same thing with Facebook’s friends as well as other things that may have media streams, like a YouTube search, for example.

The only problem I have with it is that sometimes I get the feeling the stuff is not always date ordered, and that if I refresh or close/open the bar, the stream goes back to the beginning and I have no way of going back to a very old photo without scrolling several “pages” of media in the bar until I get to where I was, and I noticed the media is a bit different from the previous time, which made me wonder about the randomness mentioned before. But I still like this feature despite it needing a bit more work.

I was hoping to find a Firefox extension that created this media bar, but I didn’t find it. I hope someone develops it. But I also hope Firefox didn’t have the RAM issues it has…

Anyway, for those blogging and socializing online that may have the same issues I mention here, I will post new findings on this topic in the future, because I plan to work them out. I want to make good use of these communication lines, but in the most efficient way possible.

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