Using trust seals on your page

A trust seal is a seal awarded by proprietary companies to businesses to display, in an attempt to boost customer confidence.

Does it make a big difference what seal one uses? I find there are several services to choose from.

This is the list I have compiled so far:

Which have I missed? Which would you recommend?

They have different prices, so if the result is pretty much the same in terms of trust in the client’s eyes, it’d be good to have the option of choosing a cheaper one when starting out with a limited budget.

Split testing the seals would be a good idea to see what impact it has on conversions. Maybe just using a seal created by you, as long as it looks pretty solid and official, will improve the conversion.

I found another trust site, although not exactly like the ones mentioned above. It’s not for every business, but seems great for those that can benefit from it.