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I forgot to mention ClickHeat, a heat map script that I found some time ago over at SourceForge.

I haven’t tried it, but it’s supposed to do heat maps (don’t know about confetti, though).

I particularly like that it’s free and self-hosted.

Got a copy to figure it out and it was easier than I expected!

  1. Get the newest file from SourceForge.
  2. Extract the archive and upload it on your server. There’s a clickheat directory in the archive, you can just upload it to the server root, so that you’ll find it at I haven’t tried using a diferent name for the directory, but it may work just the same, which would be desirable if you don’t want others to guess your directory for it.
  3. Go to that URL with your browser and follow the instructions. It’s mostly clicking the button to continue, only the the configurations page will need you to add the admin’s username and password.
  4. After that you’ll be shown the login page, where you use the username and password you just configured for it.
  5. You’ll be in the reports page, empty because it’s a new install, and there’ll be a link to get the JavaScript code for the template. Click it.
  6. Copy the code and paste it in your template (just like when you add tracking code from Google Analytics or similar).
  7. In the page where you got the JS, you will also see some settings. One of them talks about grouping. Use the page titles to track, it will cause ClickHeat to generate a drop down for each one of your pages. It says “not recommended” because it has a higher performance hit, but if needed, there’s a hack that deals with it.

That should do it. Let me know if you had any trouble. :)

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