Sliding walls, multiple rooms


I read this post over at The Tiny Life blog today, about a Hong Kong apartment that used sliding walls to change the room’s function. These walls aren’t just a board, though, but furniture, rather.

Here, watch these two videos about it.

I personally didn’t like moving them the way that guy does, since he seems to needs to be careful moving the things or they’ll lock inplace because of not being parallel to the tracks. I think it’s better to do it with a mechanism, like the high density mobile storage systems, which this architect seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from.

There’s also a side-sliding one but will become more efficient the longer your wall is, which is unlikely it will be very much in a small home. Still, it at least adds 50% more storage to a shelving unit, as long as you can do without the extra space it takes in front of the original one.

Actually those storage systems would be great for any apartment and, I don’t know the prices, but would probably be available in small sizes and few units so that they’re useful in a home application.

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  • Cristián Lávaque

    Here’s a post about it over at This Tiny House blog.