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If you weren’t hibernating underground these past days, you most probably heard about the oil spill. You can count on the oil idiots to screw up the world a little more. And then you have other people trying all these hard, expensive, and ineffective “solutions”! Looks like they’re more into making spending money with all the expensive stuff, than actually putting an end to the nightmare.

Gulf oil spill from orbit

Gulf oil spill from orbit

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to see that mess cleaned up soon… I’ve read up on this and have found what I consider to be the best solution yet!

Why? Because it’d be cheap to deploy, effective to get the oil off the water without messing up the coast or killing the sea life and it’d also take care of the oil composting it!

A couple or so years ago I read a post that talked about a cleanup project that used hair mats to pick up the oil. “This is great” I thought, because it worked well to pick it up. Problem was, it’d not scale well. You’d need a hell lot of hair to clean that black shit spreading in the Gulf. And a lot of work to actually do the cleanup.

Enter these guys who recently demonstrated a similar solution to the above, but with a much more abundant material: hay!

Now, that’s a nice solution right there! Simple, cheap, effective. Gather all the hay you can (watch the needles!) and throw it to the wind off the shore! Load ships with it and scatter it offshore. Spread it between the coast and the blot. Do it around it as well. Let the hay pick up the thing, the oil sticks to surfaces fast. Hay provides lots of surface to stick to. And hay floats, as does the oil. Let the waves do the rest.

Now, what do you do with that oily hay afterward? Some would say “burn it”… yeah, as if we needed more of that crap up in the air. Others would say “recover the oil” and have it burnt later, too. I say enrich the earth with it. That way, instead of a half-solution, you’d have a complete one in the eyes of nature, albeit not so much in those of the oil pushers.

How can you turn that thing into food for nature, though? Mushrooms. No, not that kind! No, I didn’t have any before writing this post, either.

Remember the hair mats thing mentioned earlier? Well, what they did after picking up the oil was grow mushrooms on them. Oyster mushrooms, it said. Have them absorb all the oil and after about 12 weeks, compost them!

Oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom

Actually, I read that these mushrooms have even been found growing on the dry skull of a dead whale in the 19th century. That seems to prove that those mushrooms wouldn’t have much problem growing on that oily hay even if it came from salt water.

I wonder if the hay could be sprayed some spores before deployment. The mushroom may even start growing on them while still floating!

I can’t think of a better solution for this mess right now. What about you? Share your thoughts leaving a comment. But if nothing else, spread the word, share this post. We need as many as possible aware of this solution, especially near the coastline close to the problem.

Lots of great men and women with land and tons of hay would be overly glad to give trucks of the stuff to fix this. Hell, their coasts will be a damn mess if they don’t, and I’m sure they don’t want to just sit waiting for others to spend their taxes and still not solve it!

And it’s not just them, it’ll affect us all if this isn’t fixed. It’s all the one same planet we live on, and what happens in one place, will have an effect somewhere else. And if this is fixed there, it’ll also have an effect elsewhere with this problem. Have this solution spread through the web like that oil on the water.

Click the share button of your choice and lets solve this mess! :D

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  • Gary Bloomer

    Simple. Brilliant. Effective. Cheap!

    Odd how low tech beats the multi-billion dollar, high tech solution offered by BP.

    I LIKE this.

    That’s why I’ve passed this post on to Digg, StumbleUpon, and several BP-realted groups on Facebook. Social media for the common good.

  • zero emission life

    Your right … KISS … Keep It Simple Stupid [oil companies]!

    Just looking at nature and you see an entire planet that self-regulates and adapts as required without some Billion dollar intervention.

    Just as an example, The Chinese space program sent there first rockets up with 100x LESS money requirements then the U.S. program. it’s simpler, lighter, cheaper, and works just as well (maybe better, have you heard of any crashing?)

    This is a great short term solution for the mess, but it’s still gushing out … the next REAL solution is to not require the oil that put the platform there in the first place!

    Lose the addiction and you lose the side effects.