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I’ve been going through tons of training videos the past months, but more so now that I’m helping Mike review new products.

It really is a very time consuming activity.

When going through books, it’s easy to skip parts and know what you skipped, or browse very fast and know what you went past fairly accurately. Not so with video.

Also, many presenters talk slowly, or talk a lot of fluff to make the video longer, consuming more of my time.

Talking with my friend Mark Jones last Friday, he mentioned a service from Enounce that allowed to play a video up to 2x its speed. I thought it was a great idea, but didn’t like having to pay for that.

Actually, I had read about this concept before, in a sci-fi book (The Invaders Plan) and liked it a lot, but that was like 13 years ago and I didn’t make the connection with my current needs.

Fortunately, I use a couple video players that are quite able and with a little searching, found how to adjust the playback speed in both. :)

One is KM Player, the other VLC Media Player.

KM Player is Windows only and I like it better. The way I found to adjust the speed is going to the Control Box (Alt+G), in the Audio tab (it’ll keep video synched).

VLC is available for Mac as well, and the speed control is available in the latest versions, so if you have an older one, update it. You just click the “1.00x” text next to the time, or use the arrows on each side of the timeline. Here’s a screenshot:

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  • mike long

    Nice idea!

  • Gary Bloomer

    This is just what I’ve been looking for! I’ve also been going through training videos and the notion of filler, fluff, and repetition just mops up SO MUCH TIME. This is wonderful Cristian. A huge, huge time saver. Thank you!

    • Cristián Lávaque

      Great! :)

  • clavaque

    Great! :)