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You know, I’ve always disliked this kind of software or sevice. Never trusted it.

One time I decided I’d try an app to do it, installed it, got a few accounts in there. It crapped out on me a couple of days later and the logins were lost into bit barf.

Never used another password manager again after that.

I’ve been writing down my logins in paper, and had that in a safe place since. Is it the safest way? No, but it’s worked for me the past several years. I always find them back when I’ve needed them so far.

Not long ago, after I started some internet projects that required tons of new accounts in several services spread across the web, it started being a pain and I thought I’d give password managers a new look.

Well, there was Roboform which was quite recommended, but it cost money and I wasn’t really interested. It’s been my experience that I should search for a while before a purchase, so I kept looking for options.

And I found a pretty good one. Yeah, I know you figured out which one… LastPass.

They named it like that cause it’s supposed to be the last password you’ll need to remember, the one to the account you have with them.

Well, I still remember many, many of the other ones I use, but I haven’t had to remember them if I didn’t want to, cause LastPass has been pretty good at what it was supposed to do.

My concern has still been to have something crappy happen like before, where I end up losing what I had saved. Well, I didn’t stop writing down the passwords in my usual place, but LastPass has saved me plenty of time every time I need to login, let me tell you.

Is my info secure with them? Well, I read a lot about that and I got quite confident that it will be, and it has been. I haven’t heard about bad experiences so far. From what I read, the info is encrypted in a way they themselves can’t read it, only you after you login can get it unscrambled.

I decided to believe them and I’ve been happy so far and thought I’d share this too.

Oh, and it’s free, too, unless you go advanced with features I don’t remember. Free has plenty, does all I need and a bit more. You can read more about the service in their website, go inform yourself well before you make this decision, like I did.

I’m just sharing that I’ve had a good experience so far hoping you’d find it valuable and make your work a bit easier.

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  • Menace

    Unrelated to article:
    Give me a shout bro. Haven’t heard from you in awhile.

  • Lew Ayotte

    I started using LastPass last year, and I can’t live without it now. I don’t know half my passwords… but don’t worry, your stuff is safe with them… in fact your stuff is safe with you! If I remember correctly, if the LastPass service fell off the face of the planet, you’d still be able to recover your passwords from the plugin.

    Steve Gibson of SpinRite did a Security Now! podcast back in July about LastPass you should definitely listen to it –

    Anyway, just followed your link from the s2member forum and saw this post :)


    • clavaque

      Thanks Lew! I’ll listen to that. :)