A blog without open source


I’ve been thinking how one could create a simple blog, yet pretty complete, without using any open-source script.

The most complex and sensitive part seems to be the users management and commenting, but if they are limited to the comments section, that is now easily solved using a free service one just adds to the page, e.g. Disqus.

One could even do without a database and use just files to store the content for each page. That means one would do the updates with a text editor and FTP client.

The posts would include all the data unique to that post, while a template file would include the unchanging elements in all pages.

Sorting the blog posts would be done using the file names. Using a format that includes the date it is meant to be posted, one could back-date or schedule a post easily. URLs can be made nicer using .htaccess rules.

Although categorization and tagging are harder and less efficient to achieve without a database, a single file could be used to list the tags and categories with their posts in arrays, I guess.

A database may not be much more trouble, though. Same with a simple form to create and edit the posts.

Searching can be done using Google’s site search.

For files use Amazon S3, or Flickr and YouTube for added social exposure and potential word-of-mouth. No need for fancy file managers in the blog script.

I’d need to create a script that generates the feeds.

Pinging can be done by hand with a free service like Ping-o-matic, but it’d be better to figure out how to automate it.

What am I missing?

It sounds like an interesting project. I may attempt it…

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