Hydropower from buildings


Rainwater pipe

Last time I posted about hydropower, and now I wanted to touch on one less obvious application for it.

Normally one thinks about streams in the woods, or some such usual place for these micro-hydroelectric things, but this can even be used in cities.

Normally, only wind and solar are thought of when talking about natural power generation in cities. Yeah, there are also the plants that process waste and get methanol from trash, but those are not something most people can just purchase in a store and install in their home.

Most buildings have a pipe to run rain water from the roof down to the street or a drain. This pipe has a huge drop, and it’s a great place to put one of these turbines to generate some power. The higher the building, the more turbines you can fit. Since the turbine will slow the water down, you’d need to space them for the water to pick up enough speed again.

Yeah, it doesn’t rain all the time. Sun comes mostly daily, same with wind, but rain only has certain seasons. Still, it’s quite a lot of power that could be gotten from it, and would help assist with cooling/heating consumption, depending on the need.

It’s an alternative worth exploring, and a turbine as small as the one in the other post certainly makes it easier.

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