Compost chickens

I’ve been thinking about feeding chickens with the compost pile, that’s why I got the chickens, and have a pretty compact layout that could be used in a small space. Instead of a tractor, as in Geoff Lawton’s video, it’d be a fixed thing, where the food scraps go in on one side and compost comes out the other.

Compost Chickens

The drawing shows the food coming in to the first area, where the compost pile is first made, and the chickens could roost above it, manuring it through the first week when they sleep. After a week it’d go to the next area, then the next, then the next, and then out of the enclosure.

So the procedure would be: get out the 4-week compost, move the 3-week one there, move the 2-week one, then the 1-week one, then build a new pile.

The whole thing could be enclosed properly to protect the chickens, but the divisions inside would only be about half a meter tall. Those divisions would keep the piles more or less separated, but the chickens would easily move between them.

Each division could be around 2×2 meters, so the whole thing would be 4×4 meters, plus access space on one side. It could be made smaller too, but this sounds decent enough for many, and good enough to start a conversation about it here.

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