Cristián Lávaque

About me? This person I deal with night and day… Well, I guess I can share a thing or two here, but you’ll learn more about who Cristián is as you follow this blog, since it’ll be more obvious what my interests seem to be.

A quick review of my interests would probably say: sustainability, construction, internet marketing, anime and manga, permaculture, helping others, free energy, web development… Well, it’s not a full list, but gives a good idea of how crazy I can be, I guess.

Please participate with comments and share with others what you like here. :)

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  • http://www.iRegenerect.com Regenerect

    My email is troy@troyshanks.com

  • http://www.iRegenerect.com Regenerect

    Cristian.. do you do any customization for wordpress?

  • Myretirementplanner

    I am sending this to you here because I do not want it to appear in the forums…

    I am looking for someone to review my site with a fine tooth comb to locate any bugs or something that needs to be fixed or setup differently…

    I want the site to be ‘Perfect’ and I am willing to pay someone to do this site review. The review must also include verifying that my theme is setup properly…

    Now the question… Since you have been working with Jason have you come across someone who knows Jason’s product inside and out?

    Bob Newton
    myretirementplanner at yahoo.com

  • Jamie (Sameship)

    You have helped me once in a forum. I am looking for some (paid) assistance. I find I am just spinning my wheels a bit and wasting precious time.
    First, I have uploaded the S2member Pro files – I have checked, they are there – but I see no change in the S2 Member dashboard?
    If you can help me get over this hump and allow me to aske some questions as I move ahead and help me with some SEO and Marketing I’d be grateful.

    Thanks,  Sameship

  • Alice Edwards

    Christian, if you can find me on skype (amvscotson) I’d love to chat with you re s2member and custom coding.

  • http://twitter.com/sserbanro Serban Stanescu

    I got here from S2M forum!
    Thanks for placing your site in the profile page!
    I have a lot of work to do, but reading two articles, well, MADE MY DAY!
    Thanks again!
    And, BTW, I am vegetarian too. For many reasons! Seems that we are very like-minded!
    All the best,
    Serban Stanescu – ZENLA Project

  • Veena

    Hi Cristian,

    Greetings from blogVault.

    We are writing an article on membership plugins and would like to include WP-members in it.

    Could you give us a trial/demo version to play with and then write our review?

    We’d like to publish in mid-March.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


  • Aquila Mendes

    Dear Cristian,

    I saw your question in the forum topic folioway primothemes, and the error was resolved with an update to version 1.1.8, you would send me by email. I’m having the same error and wanted to fix.

    Thank you.

  • http://members.gapzip.com/ Blair

    Hi Christian,

    I see a few people have asked if you do contract web development work. I am looking for an S2Member expert to evaluate and provide some consulting and possibly custom coding for a website. Would you be interested and available to speak with me?
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  • Gavin Hardcastle

    Hi Cristian,

    I’m wondering when a fix will be available for s2member which is currently failing to protect my ‘protected’ files when using certain browsers.

    I have sent in a support request almost a week ago but so far no help has been provided. I have offered to pay for support but no help has been provided.

    Is S2member still being supported or is it no longer a viable plugin?


    • http://cristianlavaque.com Cristián Lávaque

      Yes, it’s supported. I sent you a reply to your ticket some days ago, I wonder if it didn’t get to your inbox. I just looked up your ticket and resent you my reply, hoping it’ll reach you this time. :)

  • Rafdarrow

    My s2member issue led me here as well. I tried the KB and forums and google. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a tech support issue. I have no other plugins running. WordPress 4.0 running Best Corporate theme.
    If I am logged in – even as a WP admin, not just a user – everything is great until I click on an image added to a post using the built-in WordPress gallery feature. If I click on a gallery image to view it larger, s2 doesn’t recognize me as the right user. It doesn’t redirect me to the login, rather we have parents assigned to classrooms, and it tells me I’m not logged in to the right classroom. Known Bug? Just me? Thanks!!

    • Rafdarrow

      any comment on this please? thanks!

    • http://cristianlavaque.com Cristián Lávaque

      Sorry, wow, I just noticed now your comments here. I had notifications from Disqus comments going to some folder other than the inbox in my email and I hadn’t noticed it until now. You probably already solved the above long ago, but if you haven’t, or you have new questions, I’ll be happy to help you over at http://s2member.net/forum

  • Fabricio Noronha

    Dear Cristian,
    I’ve seen some replies you usually do regarding software development issues and I see you as a very proactive and assertive person while I read your posts! Thank you for all of the valuable information.
    I’m developing a new business where I need to create a Premium Podcast access to be listened in mobile apps such as Downcast (user password protected). Could you please provide me any tip where I can find instructions how to setup my wordpress site, together with my podcast hosting service (Libsyn, Hipcast or other).
    I’m currently managing my users with the s2Member plugin.
    Any support, instruction link or direction is very welcome! There are days I’m struggling with this issue.
    Thank you in advance and best regards!

    • http://cristianlavaque.com Cristián Lávaque

      I’m not experienced with podcasts, but I’ll help with what I can. I suggest that you start a topic in my forum for s2Member over at http://s2member.net/forum :)

  • bor

    Hi Christian,

    I’m looking for a developper to configurate S2 menber.
    Do you know a free lance or a agency to do that ? Thanks for your response on rachel.bor@larevuedudigital.com

    • http://cristianlavaque.com Cristián Lávaque

      Hi Rachel. I sent you an email. :)

  • Chuck Boecking

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts here: https://forums.wpsharks.com/t/error-with-paypal-auto-return-url/5250

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

  • SwayamShaswat

    1) Cannot log in to https://forums.wpsharks.com to comment on S2Members Pro
    Was trying via the email route. But it never generated the email link despite long effort.
    Also for login password why not allow visibility – cannot make out what is going wrong.
    Once when i did login the “Pro users” support link did not work/ would not respond to clicks.
    There is no way provided to reach out.
    2) I wanted to report S2Members Pro’s integration with stripe may not be effective anymore.
    It is not listed in SCA compliant plugins list here: https://stripe.com/en-in/partners/apps-and-extensions
    Some stripe users have reported that Stripe is not allowing other payments via earlier stripe plugins on any site that are not SCA compliant to go through
    Integration with stripe was the reason I purchased it a week back. Is there any plan to go compliant in near future?
    I was looking up LMS plugin compliant to stripe.
    Not the best place to reach out to you, most posts here are 5-7 years old!

    • http://cristianlavaque.com PDC TA – Cristián Lávaque

      Hi! I’m sorry you couldn’t login to the forum. It doesn’t share the
      account with the s2 site, did you register in the forums? I’ll look at
      what the problem with the emails links is, the email addresses work,
      because I use them and get replies there daily. Thank you for asking me
      about it here, although it’s not an active site anymore, I do login
      often and get notifications. About Stripe, yes, it’s SCA compliant since
      a year ago, one of the first to comply with it. I’ll contact Stripe
      about being on that list, so others like you are not worried. Here’s the notice I get on my Stripe account used with s2Member Pro https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c3e2965f57ba85dbca54b8a1abc00c74a2ba8727b226965f60e6d6444112257.png :)